Naked and in the corner after a spanking from mom

This teen’s mom allows her a moment to reflect after her spanking.

corner time

Teen girl put in corner time

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Painful corner time

We all know that corner time is an effective addition to any spanking, but how do we maximize its benefits?  Make the young ladies kneel on a hard tile surface, hands behind their heads, and then have them raise their feet off of the ground.

kneeling corner time

Kneeling on the hard tile makes their punishment last much longer.

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Stripped naked, paddled, and then corner time

naked teen girl corner time

Placed in the most uncomfortable corner time, fully naked, for an hour.

How do you make a punishment for four teen girls more effective?  First you have them all strip down to nothing but there shoes and socks and then leave them naked, embarrassed, and on display for several minutes to think about their punishment.  Then you paddle each of their bottoms, one at a time, with a heavy oak paddle with holes.  After their bottoms are nice and bruised, you leave them grabbing their ankles, for five full minutes until the sting has really sunk in fully.  When they think their punishment is complete, you have them kneel on the floor, elbows against the wall, with their feet raised off the ground.  You then place a one hour timer between them and tell them to maintain that position until the timer runs out. If at anytime that alter that position, you start the paddling, and then the corner time, all over again.

From a severe, four girl strapping and paddling, video update in the member’s area of

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Mom watches her corner time

Jessica was naughty and was spanked as a result.  Her mom learned long ago that simply spanking her is not always enough to do the trick.  What works the best is for Jessica to have some time to think about what she did after her

spanking and then corner time

Mom supervises her corner time

spanking.  Jessica is made to kneel, with her feet off the ground, in the family room.  She is not allowed to put her pants and panties back on until her corner time is over.  This is especially embarrassing for her as this is a public part of the house and her brothers or sisters could walk through at anytime and see her red bottom on display. A long time in this position really begins to hurt her knees, but she knows better than to move the slightest bit.  The last time she moved out of position during corner time, her mom went and got the family’s wooden paddle and really bruised her teen bottom.  Before it is all over, her knees will be as sore as her bottom, but she will have learned a lesson.

Teen Jessica has spent more time in the corner than just about anyone on the web.  See a real 18 year old, have her bottom blistered, and then put in very embarrassing and painful corner time on her website SpankingTeenJessica.

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Strapped while her friend watches

corner time while friend is strapped

Waiting for her strapping

While Monica is used to being spanked well into her teen years, this is something new for Samantha.  Samantha is spending the night, but when they both come home late, the dad is quite unhappy.  He informs Monica that she is going to get a hard bare bottom strapping, and then decides to call Samantha house and tell her parents.  Samantha begs and pleads and says that she will take any punishment he wants as long as he does not call her house.

Samantha is sat down to watch as Monica is required to lower her pants and panties in front of her best friend and bend over the ottoman.  Her dad wastes no time and really goes to work on her teen bottom.  With the wide leather strap he gives her bottom a hiding that she will not soon forget.  He straps her as hard and fast as he can for well over a minute.  She cries and pleads, but it all falls on deaf ears.  He does not stop until her teen bottom is blistered and red.

Samantha might be regretting her decision at this point, but it is too late to

Bare butt corner time

Naughty teen corner time

change her mind.  With Monica’s pants and panties still at her knees she is placed in the corner for some time to reflect.  Samantha is then asked to bend over the ottoman for a dose of the strap.  It is not his daughter, so he allows her to keep her pants on for the strapping.  This does not mean that he goes easy on her.  She too gets a long session with the strap and is taught a very good lesson.  When it is over, he decides she might as well get the same treatment as his daughter, so she too is made to lower her pants and panties

Teen bottoms in corner time

Teen bottoms in corner time

and stand against the wall.  He thinks that a little bare bottom corner time will serve a purpose for these girls. They may be teenage girls, but nothing makes them feel more like little children than corner time.  With their bare bottoms on display, and the curtains open on the living room windows, they feel the full embarrassment of the situation.

The video that goes with this scene was Samantha’s second spanking ever and the 1st time she ever felt the strap.  You can watch the full video at

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Corner time and full nudity

Fully nude for corner time

The Dean at RealspankingsInstitute has been doing his job long enough to know what is most effective.  Andi has found herself in the unfortunate position of being sent to the Institute for a second time.  The Dean decides to remind her exactly how things are and to demonstrate that she lost many rights in her world, including modesty.

He makes her undress, right there in his office, so she can change into her school uniform.  However, he instructs Miss Betty to not bring in a uniform for more than 30 minutes.  Andi is simply left on display, fully naked, standing at attention, while he continues his work.  On occasion he looks up, just as a reminder to her that she is in his world again.  He takes a little extra time to stare at her breasts and even her vagina, just to add to the humiliation she is feeling.  She wants more than anything in the world to use her hands to cover her privates, but knows that any such attempts will result in a very bruised bottom.

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Naked Corner Time in the School Hallway

Naked corner time in the hallway after her spanking, for every student to see.

Dress code violations are a continual issue at the RealSpankings Institute of Learning.  It seems that no matter how many times the young ladies are warned to wear each and every piece of their uniform, that they are always trying to get away with a little bit less. It might be as simple as not wearing their tie, or as blatant as no bra or panties.  You would think that the known consequences for dress code infraction would be enough of a deterrent, but that never seems to be the case.  Every dress code violation carries with it the application of corporal punishment.  A long and hard hand spanking as a minimum and all the way up to a bare bottom paddling, with the wooden school paddle, for repeat offenses.

On occasions there are those moments in which corporal punishment alone will not solve the problem.  Corner time is a common addition to a spanking at the Institute, but sometimes just placing a naughty student in the corner after her spanking, to focus on what she did wrong is not enough of a lesson. There are indeed occasions in which she must be made an example of, for all students to see, as a reminder of the consequences for violating school policies.

Donna is a student at the Institute that made it a habit to violate dress code policies.  Being that her main offense was to go without panties, it was a hard infraction to catch.  After the dorm mom started catching on that Donna was often without panties, she began doing spot checks at least twice a week.  It did not matter where Donna was or who was present, the dorm mom would require her to raise her skirt and show if she had panties on or not.

On this occasion, in which it was discover that she was not wearing a bra or panties, she was taken into the dorm mom’s office, require to strip fully naked, and then given a long and hard session with the leather strap.  After her spanking, she was marched out into the hall, wearing only her shoes and socks, and placed with her nose against the wall.  In less than 10 minutes, the bell would ring, and all students would change classrooms, with each and every one walking by naked Donna on display for all to see.  This variation on corner time will assure that Miss Donna finally learns to wear all pieces of her uniform.

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Adding Pain to Corner Time

Painful corner time punishment position

Sometimes a simple moment of reflection is not enough following a hard disciplinary spanking.  These young ladies have just received a long and hard spanking, with each forced to watch the other’s bare bottom punishment. Simply being left with their red bottoms on display is not enough for this offense.  They are ordered to kneel on the hard tile and to lift their feet off of the ground.  This puts all of their body weight on their knees making it so very uncomfortable for them both.  With their stinging bottoms and the additional pain from this position, they are being taught the required lesson.  They both know that if their feet touch the ground, during the 30 minutes of kneeling, that their spanking AND the corner time will begin again for both of them. They are also conveniently placed in corner time near the entrance to the class room, so when class gets out in 10 minutes, every girl leaving the class they were just pulled out of, will see the results of their misbehavior.  Red bottoms, sore knees, and complete embarrassment will keep them working harder to be on their best behavior in the future.  The question is, will they even make it through this 30 minutes, or will their punishment start over from the beginning?  Taken from the full punishment video at RealSpankings Institute.

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Vagina on display during corner time

embarassed and on display

Having to show her vagina and bottom before her punishment

For many students just the simple application of hard corporal punishment is not enough to teach the lesson that is required.  She might be a repeat offender, she may have a high tolerance for pain, but regardless of the reason something more than an implement hitting her bare bottom may be required.

The addition of corner time before a Jack Eichel game jersey punishment can be very effective and leaves the student very focused on what she did wrong.  The addition of making her lower her panties and raise her skirt adds a very public element to the spanking.  The young lady to the left is made to expose her vagina and bottom to the Dean Authentic Cheap Jerseys for several minutes before she is to be caned.  He goes about his day almost ignoring the fact that she is there.  He does look up on occasion so she can feel his stare, making sure this is as embarrassing as possible for her.  Regardless of how well she can accept a hard caning on her bare bottom, allowing an older man, in a position of power to look at her freshly shaved vagina, is horrifying for her.

Feeling the breeze on her bare bottom further reminds her that in a matter of minutes, she will be bending over, grabbing her ankles, and getting the punishment of her life.  The Dean never goes easy, and she knows that there will be tears from beginning to end. Standing there with her privates exposed for the world to see also allows her to contemplate how very hard the rest of the day will be as she is required to attend class, sitting on the hard wood desks, with a very bruised and welted behind.  She tries her best to fight back the tears and she continues to wait, not knowing when it will begin.

This picture comes from the hard caning video in the member’s area of Realspankings Institute

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