Vagina on display during corner time

embarassed and on display

Having to show her vagina and bottom before her punishment

For many students just the simple application of hard corporal punishment is not enough to teach the lesson that is required.  She might be a repeat offender, she may have a high tolerance for pain, but regardless of the reason something more than an implement hitting her bare bottom may be required.

The addition of corner time before a Jack Eichel game jersey punishment can be very effective and leaves the student very focused on what she did wrong.  The addition of making her lower her panties and raise her skirt adds a very public element to the spanking.  The young lady to the left is made to expose her vagina and bottom to the Dean Authentic Cheap Jerseys for several minutes before she is to be caned.  He goes about his day almost ignoring the fact that she is there.  He does look up on occasion so she can feel his stare, making sure this is as embarrassing as possible for her.  Regardless of how well she can accept a hard caning on her bare bottom, allowing an older man, in a position of power to look at her freshly shaved vagina, is horrifying for her.

Feeling the breeze on her bare bottom further reminds her that in a matter of minutes, she will be bending over, grabbing her ankles, and getting the punishment of her life.  The Dean never goes easy, and she knows that there will be tears from beginning to end. Standing there with her privates exposed for the world to see also allows her to contemplate how very hard the rest of the day will be as she is required to attend class, sitting on the hard wood desks, with a very bruised and welted behind.  She tries her best to fight back the tears and she continues to wait, not knowing when it will begin.

This picture comes from the hard caning video in the member’s area of Realspankings Institute

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