Strapped while her friend watches

corner time while friend is strapped

Waiting for her strapping

While Monica is used to being spanked well into her teen years, this is something new for Samantha.  Samantha is spending the night, but when they both come home late, the dad is quite unhappy.  He informs Monica that she is going to get a hard bare bottom strapping, and then decides to call Samantha house and tell her parents.  Samantha begs and pleads and says that she will take any punishment he wants as long as he does not call her house.

Samantha is sat down to watch as Monica is required to lower her pants and panties in front of her best friend and bend over the ottoman.  Her dad wastes no time and really goes to work on her teen bottom.  With the wide leather strap he gives her bottom a hiding that she will not soon forget.  He straps her as hard and fast as he can for well over a minute.  She cries and pleads, but it all falls on deaf ears.  He does not stop until her teen bottom is blistered and red.

Samantha might be regretting her decision at this point, but it is too late to

Bare butt corner time

Naughty teen corner time

change her mind.  With Monica’s pants and panties still at her knees she is placed in the corner for some time to reflect.  Samantha is then asked to bend over the ottoman for a dose of the strap.  It is not his daughter, so he allows her to keep her pants on for the strapping.  This does not mean that he goes easy on her.  She too gets a long session with the strap and is taught a very good lesson.  When it is over, he decides she might as well get the same treatment as his daughter, so she too is made to lower her pants and panties

Teen bottoms in corner time

Teen bottoms in corner time

and stand against the wall.  He thinks that a little bare bottom corner time will serve a purpose for these girls. They may be teenage girls, but nothing makes them feel more like little children than corner time.  With their bare bottoms on display, and the curtains open on the living room windows, they feel the full embarrassment of the situation.

The video that goes with this scene was Samantha’s second spanking ever and the 1st time she ever felt the strap.  You can watch the full video at

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