This site is dedicated to the exploration of the use of cornertime as an additional punishment, following a spanking or corporal punishment.  Cornertime can be a very effective way to allow someone time to reflect upon the discipline they have recently received.  Cornertime is most effective when the bare bottom is on display.


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  1. theleme@live.ca says:

    Kneeling in the corner is very effective after a corporal punishment but also before. Half hour is recommended before the spanking and half hour after

    • theleme@live.ca says:

      Sometimes kneeling in the corner is not appropriate, best at the front of the classroom, but not too close of the wall or blackboard for a better efficiency of the spanking on hands

  2. AlexD says:

    Hi Michael,
    It’s great you made a special blog for cornertime scenes,
    Being placed in a corner is always a part of spanking in most cases.
    How about adding a new type – kneel on rice or corn grains for cornertime?
    It was a widespread punishment in the south (esp. among non-whites) some time ago.

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