How embarrassing can cornertime be?

He knows from past experience with this particular student that she actually deals with the pain of a spanking fairly well.  Last time she was punished, he did notice that one of the most difficult parts for her was having to bare her bottom.  She might have a high pain tolerance, but she is horribly embarrassed showing any amount of nudity…perfect.

On her next trip to his office, he used her modesty as a learning tool.  Well before the spanking ever started, she was required to raise her skirt, lower her panties, and put her vagina on display while he reviewed her disciplinary referral.

vagina showing cornertime

Knowing how easily embarrassed she is, the punishment starts with her having to show her vagina.

Being that this was an event that he wanted to make sure that she never forgot, this quickly progressed in into her being made to strip fully naked, with her school uniform then being removed from the office.  But he knew that just being naked, did not meet the severity of the punishment that she was in his office for, so she was instructed to bend over and grab her ankles.  This was done in a manner in which all of her naughty bits were directly within his sight-line.

fully nude cornertime

The next step in the cornertime portion of her punishment is full nudity and grabbing her ankles

After a couple of minutes of bending over and grabbing her ankles, and especially after seeing that she was in his office for a repeat offense, he decided to make it even more uncomfortable.  This was easily accomplished by telling her to reach back, grab her butt cheeks, and to spread them as wide as possible.  For this easily embarrassed young lady, this was just about as bad as it could get, well before the spanking ever started.

showing asshole during cornertime

Because humiliating is often more effective than just embarrassing, she is required to spread her cheeks and display her butthole.

Sometimes opportunities have a way of presenting themselves and when there was a knock on his office door, he knew this was one of those moment.  Three students, and a student assistant, simply had a quick question about a change in the schedule that was posted earlier that day.  “Sure, come on in, I would be more than happy to discuss it”.  Now this naughty young lady, already terribly embarrassed, found herself belt over, fully naked, with her cheeks spread as wide as they go, and her little butthole on display, now for 5 different people. The students tried to focus on the question they had, but they could not help but to giggle and laugh at the predicament that her behavior had caused.

butt hole exposed corner time

Perfect timing, now she can show her vagina and butthole to everyone.

It was a full 15 minutes before her spanking ever began, but she was well punished before anything ever touched her bottom.  From the highly embarrassing cornertime and spanking video from the member’s area of


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Fully nude punishment, with cornertime for the school girl

Not all cornertime takes place in a corner.  For many disciplinarians out there, cornertime is a general sort of category that helps add embarrassment, discomfort, and humiliation to a spanking.  This young lady finds out exactly how effective such a practice can be.

fully naked corner time

Stripped of all of her clothing, she is forced to stand naked and embarrassed in his office.

Upon her arrival, she is given the school uniform she will be wearing, but she is not allowed to change in private.  She finds out that only well behaved young ladies are allowed modesty, and once she is stripped of her street clothes, she is required to stand fully naked for quite some time.  As a result of refusing to cover her naked body she is quickly handspanked, but it does not end there.

naked and exposed corner time

After her handspanking, she quickly learns how difficult and embarrassing cornertime can be.

She is placed, while still fully nude, in a very difficult, exposed, and uncomfortable position.  To make things even worse, she is required to hold the exact implement that will be used on her bottom when he returns.  She is told that if she drops the implement, straightens her legs, or allows her heals to touch the ground, that the strap will be replaced with a heavy wooden paddle.

butt hole corner time

Her cute little butt hole and vagina are put on display for all to see.

She spends more than 5 minutes in this difficult position before he finally returns to strap her lovely young bottom.  This multi-part punishment is available exclusively at and shows exactly how difficult cornertime can be made to be.

Yes, in just a moment he will be wearing your bottom out with that heavy strap.

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Night time spanking with cornertime

While mom basically manages the household, and is certainly the one that decides if her teen daughter is in trouble, dad is still the primary disciplinarian.  But in this home, dad works well into the late evening, and his daughter it generally in bed when he gets home.  With his schedule, during the school year, she is up and off to school before he is out of bed, so when discipline is required, she is woken up and spanked.

teen girl bare bottom spanking from dad

Woken up by mom, marched into the living room, for a hard spanking on her bare bottom from dad.

As parents, they feel that a spanking should take place as close as possible to the time when the offense happened, so even if it requires waking her up, they will do so.  Even though he is the disciplinarian, most spanking are given at the direction of the mom.  She will not only detail the offense, but she will tell him exactly what she thinks her daughter requires in the way of a spanking.

spanking and then corner time

Feeling the burn from the spanking on her bare bottom, but her punishment is not quite over yet.

It might be a small offense, like back talk, but without profanity, and she may only require a handspanking.  Mom will go and wake up her daughter and march her into the living room where dad will be waiting.  Based on the conversation that they just had, she will be spanked according to what mom thinks she needs.  Even at her age, she is always spanked on the bare bottom.  When he only uses his hand on her, it is still not easy, and he will spank her cute bottom for well over two minutes.

bare bottom teen girl cornertime

10 minutes of cornertime, before she is sent back to bed, will help her consider her behavior from earlier in the day.

As a result of the way that mom herself was spanked when she was growing up, she feels that all spankings should include cornertime.  Just as with the spanking, the are varying degrees of cornertime, and for a mild offense, 10-12 minutes, with her bare butt on display, simply standing in the corner is enough to get the job done.

bare bottom wooden spoon spanking from dad for his daughter

Today she will not get off as easy as just a handspanking as mom has decided that dad will be using the spoon on her bare bottom.

If the naughty teen girl finds herself in a whole lot of trouble over the course of a day, she can fully expect things to be much worse than just a handspanking.  Mom will typically sentence her to a dose of the belt, or if she is really annoyed, it may be the heavy wooden spoon that was purchased exclusively for that purpose.  Dad will basically go with whatever mom wants to see used, and if an implement is required, he knows to use to in a very effective manner.

teen girl bare bottom spanking with a spoon from dad

Dad wears out every inch of her bottom with the heavy wooden spoon and it is clear that a lesson is being learned. Her bottom is left bruised, sore, and swollen.

All spanking start the same, with mom waking her daughter up and bringing her into the living room.  When her behavior requires the spoon, it tends to be really bad.  This will not be a spanking that just leaves her bottom a little pink, unfortunately for her, it will not end until her bottom is black and blue.  Dad works her bottom with the heavy spoon, from the very top of her butt all the way down to the top of her thighs, making sure that every single part of it is sore.  This is not the kind of spanking that this naughty young lady will forget about anytime soon, as she will be feeling this one for a couple of days after.

cornertime after teen girl is spanked

Once again, her punishment is far from over and she is put into cornertime.

But once her bottom is properly bruised, the lesson is not over.  Once again, she will be spending some time in the corner with her freshly marked bottom on display, but this time it will have to be longer, and far more difficult.  Instead of just standing, she is required to bend over at the waist, with her hands on her knees, and with her nose touching the wall.  If her behavior required the wooden spoon, she can count on at least 30 minutes in the corner, with 60 minutes not be completely uncommon.

corner time punishment after spanking

Today’s behavior requires a far more difficult cornertime. With her bruised bottom on display, she is required to bend over and keep her nose touching the wall. She will be here for up to an hour depending on what her mom decides.

Through the use of hard and effective corporal punishment, combined with difficult cornertime, they are able to keep their daughter on track.  Pictures and animations come from two very intense spanking and cornertime scenes at

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Spanked and Cornertime in front of company.

The policy in the home has always been the same, a spanking and cornertime will take place when her behavior warrants it.  It does not matter that they were having a dinner party, with 7 guests, she got a little mouthy and needed to be spanked.  After her spanking, she was tucked into the corner, bottom still bare, to take a little time to thing about her behavior.

spanking and cornertime, teen girl, in front of friends

Act up in front of guests…get spanked in front of guests, and then have a little time to reflect.

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Recording his sister’s spankings and cornertime on his cell phone

His big sister has always been a huge pain, and just loves to torment him.  Since she started high school, she seems to act like she is too cool, or too old to even associate with him.  Even though she likes to act like she is all grown up, it certainly does not seem that way when dad takes her over his knee for a bare bottom spanking.

sister's spanking captured on cell phone by little brother

Hearing that tone of voice coming from his dad downstairs, he knows exactly what is about to happen and quickly grabs his phone.

Since he received his first cell phone camera on Xmas last year, he has made it his goal in life to record her spankings and cornertime whenever he can sneak the chance.  It is not always easy, and there is a risk, as dad would tear his own ass up if he was caught.  But he gets great satisfaction in showing his friends, the videos and pictures of his sister, kicking and screaming as dad wears her bottom out.

sister spanked and put in cornertime caught on video

After about 20 minutes of his sister being in corner time, he finally hears his dad go to the bathroom and hurries down for a closeup of her bare bottom. His friends are going to love this video.

Their dad’s policy of a spanking on the spot helps him find the opportunity as she is just as likely to get spanked in a common area of the house as she is in her bedroom.  Dad is also a very firm believer in the use of cornertime after, as he feels it adds to the overall embarrassment to have their bare, and recently spanked bottoms, on display for all the siblings to see, and to serve as a warning to everyone else.

cornertime spanking from dad teen girl

A spanking and a little corner time before bed.

He was already in bed when he heard dad tearing her bottom up.  He was not able to get video of her spanking, but he still sneaked down for a quick picture of her with her bottom on display and her nose against the wall.

All video and animations come from the voyeur spanking and corner time videos in the member’s area of

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Naked and Embarrassed

Sometimes just a spanking alone is not enough.  This young lady, about to be paddled in a private school, learns that nudity is a very powerful learning tool when used as a supplement to a spanking.  In a not so private part of the school, she is required to strip fully nude, and her school uniform is then taken from her.  He let’s her know that she will be spanked, when he finds the time, and she is left naked and alone as the times continues to click down, closer to the ringing of the bell, and students being released from class, all of which will pass directly by her.  This is cornertime at it’s very best.

fully naked corner time

Horribly embarrassing and effective cornertime, as she waits for the bell to ring and the students to see her naked in the hall.

From the naked and exposed cornertime and spanking video in the member’s area of


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A moment to reflect, before and after their punishment

corner time

Required to display their vaginas before their long and hard punishment strapping.

Of course their bottoms will be bared for their spanking, in fact, before it is all said and done, they will all be fully naked and very embarrassed.  A little extra time, having to show their vaginas, while they consider exactly how those straps will feel on their bottoms, adds much anticipation and fear to the overall punishment, therefore adding to the overall effectiveness.

Once they have all been strapped long and hard, until all of their teen bottoms are bruised and sore, they are required to suffer through an extended time out, while on their tip toes, and only using their elbows for support.  This is going to be a long 30 minutes of cornertime, with the promise of the paddle if anyone’s heels touch the ground.

sore bottom naked corner time

Four girls, extended corner time, with bruised and sore bottoms.

Picture and animation from the severe, HD, four part strapping video in the member’s area of

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Spanked in class

Corner time in the classroom after her strapping.

Corner time in the classroom after her strapping.

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Corner time before her paddling

An hour is a very long time to wait with your nose pressed against the wall, especially knowing that when the hour is up her bare bottom will be worn out with the wooden paddle.

corner time before her paddling

In one short hour her bottom will pay the price.

paddling after corner time

For a brief second she was relieved that her corner time was over.

From the severe video in the member’s area of


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Exposed and Embarrassing cornertime

Cornertime is much more effective when the naughty young lady hermes birkin 30 modeling pictures with props for today
is fully naked and the cornertime is public.

cornertime nude

The punishment hermes h bracelet will start click here all over again when the bell hermes belts replica rings.

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