Stripped naked, paddled, and then corner time

naked teen girl corner time

Placed in the most uncomfortable corner time, fully naked, for an hour.

How do you make a punishment for four teen girls more effective?  First you have them all strip down to nothing but there shoes and socks and then leave them naked, embarrassed, and on display for several minutes to think about their punishment.  Then you paddle each of their bottoms, one at a time, with a heavy oak paddle with holes.  After their bottoms are nice and bruised, you leave them grabbing their ankles, for five full minutes until the sting has really sunk in fully.  When they think their punishment is complete, you have them kneel on the floor, elbows against the wall, with their feet raised off the ground.  You then place a one hour timer between them and tell them to maintain that position until the timer runs out. If at anytime that alter that position, you start the paddling, and then the corner time, all over again.

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