Naked Corner Time in the School Hallway

Naked corner time in the hallway after her spanking, for every student to see.

Dress code violations are a continual issue at the RealSpankings Institute of Learning.  It seems that no matter how many times the young ladies are warned to wear each and every piece of their uniform, that they are always trying to get away with a little bit less. It might be as simple as not wearing their tie, or as blatant as no bra or panties.  You would think that the known consequences for dress code infraction would be enough of a deterrent, but that never seems to be the case.  Every dress code violation carries with it the application of corporal punishment.  A long and hard hand spanking as a minimum and all the way up to a bare bottom paddling, with the wooden school paddle, for repeat offenses.

On occasions there are those moments in which corporal punishment alone will not solve the problem.  Corner time is a common addition to a spanking at the Institute, but sometimes just placing a naughty student in the corner after her spanking, to focus on what she did wrong is not enough of a lesson. There are indeed occasions in which she must be made an example of, for all students to see, as a reminder of the consequences for violating school policies.

Donna is a student at the Institute that made it a habit to violate dress code policies.  Being that her main offense was to go without panties, it was a hard infraction to catch.  After the dorm Wholesale elite Jerseys Free Shipping mom started catching on that Donna was often without panties, she began doing spot checks at least twice a week.  It did not matter where Donna was or who was present, the dorm mom would require her to raise her skirt and show if she had panties on or not.

On this occasion, in which it was discover that she was not wearing a bra or panties, she was taken into the dorm mom’s office, require to strip fully naked, and then given a long and hard session with the leather strap.  After her spanking, she was marched out into the hall, wearing only her shoes and socks, and placed with her nose against the wall.  In less than 10 minutes, the bell would ring, and all students would change classrooms, with each and every one walking by naked Donna on display for all to see.  This variation on corner time will assure that Miss Donna finally learns to wear all pieces of her uniform.

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