Mom watches her corner time

Jessica was naughty and was spanked as a result.  Her mom learned long ago that simply spanking her is not always enough to do the trick.  What works the best is for Jessica to have some time to think about what she did after her

spanking and then corner time

Mom supervises her corner time

spanking.  Jessica is made to kneel, with her feet off the ground, in the family room.  She is not allowed to put her pants and panties back on until her corner time is over.  This is especially embarrassing for her as this is a public part of the house and her brothers or sisters could walk through at anytime and see her red bottom on display. A long time in this position really begins to hurt her knees, but she knows better than to move the slightest bit.  The last time she moved out of position during corner time, her mom went and got the family’s wooden paddle and really bruised her teen bottom.  Before it is all over, her knees will be as sore as her bottom, but she will have learned a lesson.

Teen Jessica has spent more time in the corner than just about anyone on the web.  See a real 18 year old, have her bottom blistered, and then put in very embarrassing and painful corner time on her website SpankingTeenJessica.

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