Corner time and full nudity

Fully nude for corner time

The Dean at RealspankingsInstitute has been doing his job long enough to know what is most effective.  Andi has found herself in the unfortunate position of being sent to the Institute for a second time.  The Dean decides to remind her exactly how things are and to demonstrate that she lost many rights in her world, including modesty.

He makes her undress, right there in his office, so she can change into her school uniform.  However, he instructs Miss Betty to not bring in a uniform for more than 30 minutes.  Andi is simply left on display, fully naked, standing at attention, while he continues his work.  On occasion he looks up, just as a reminder to her that she is in his world again.  He takes a little extra time to stare at her breasts and even her vagina, just to add to the humiliation she is feeling.  She wants more than anything in the world to use her hands to cover her privates, but knows that any such attempts will result in a very bruised bottom.

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