Adding Pain to Corner Time

Painful corner time punishment position

Sometimes a simple moment of reflection is not enough following a hard disciplinary spanking.  These young ladies have just received a long and hard spanking, with each forced to watch the other’s bare bottom suga punishment. Simply being left with their red bottoms on display is not enough for this offense.  They are ordered to kneel on the hard tile and to bts ticket lift their feet off of the ground.  This puts all of their body weight on their knees making it so very uncomfortable for them both.  With their stinging bottoms and the additional pain from this position, they are being taught the required lesson.  They both know that if their feet touch the ground, during the 30 minutes of kneeling, that their spanking AND the corner time will begin again for both of them. They are also conveniently placed in corner time near the entrance to the class room, so when class gets out in 10 minutes, every girl leaving the class they were just pulled out of, will see the results of their misbehavior.  Red bottoms, sore knees, and complete embarrassment will keep them working harder to be on their best behavior in the future.  The question is, will they even make it through this 30 minutes, or will their punishment start over from the beginning?  Taken from the full punishment video at RealSpankings Institute.

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