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Naked and in the corner after a spanking from mom

This teen’s mom allows her a moment to reflect after her spanking.

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Painful corner time

We all know that corner time is an effective addition to any spanking, but how do we maximize its benefits?  Make the young ladies kneel on a hard tile surface, hands behind their heads, and then have them raise their feet off of the ground.

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Stripped naked, paddled, and then corner time

How do you make a punishment for four teen girls more effective?  First you have them all strip down to nothing but there shoes and socks and then leave them naked, embarrassed, and on display for several minutes to think about their punishment.  Then you paddle each of their bottoms, one at a time, with […]

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Mom watches her corner time

Jessica was naughty and was spanked as a result.  Her mom learned long ago that simply spanking her is not always enough to do the trick.  What works the best is for Jessica to have some time to think about what she did after her spanking.  Jessica is made to kneel, with her feet off […]

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Strapped while her friend watches

While Monica is used to being spanked well into her teen years, this is something new for Samantha.  Samantha is spending the night, but when they both come home late, the dad is quite unhappy.  He informs Monica that she is going to get a hard bare bottom strapping, and then decides to call Samantha house and […]

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Corner time and full nudity

The Dean at RealspankingsInstitute has been doing his job long enough to know what is most effective.  Andi has found herself in the unfortunate position of being sent to the Institute for a second time.  The Dean decides to remind her exactly how things are and to demonstrate that she lost many rights in her world, including […]

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Naked Corner Time in the School Hallway

Naked corner time in the hallway after her spanking, for every student to see. Dress code violations are a continual issue at the RealSpankings Institute of Learning.  It seems that no matter how many times the young ladies are warned to wear each and every piece of their uniform, that they are always trying to […]

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Adding Pain to Corner Time

Painful corner time punishment position Sometimes a simple moment of reflection is not enough following a hard disciplinary spanking.  These young ladies have just received a long and hard spanking, with each forced to watch the other’s bare bottom suga punishment. Simply being left with their red bottoms on display is not enough for this […]

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Vagina on display during corner time

Having to show her vagina and bottom before her punishment For many students just the simple application of hard corporal punishment is not enough to teach the lesson that is required.  She might be a repeat offender, she may have a high tolerance for pain, but regardless of the reason something more than an implement […]

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