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How embarrassing can cornertime be?

He knows from past experience with this particular student that she actually deals with the pain of a spanking fairly well.  Last time she was punished, he did notice that one of the most difficult parts for her was having to bare her bottom.  She might have a high pain tolerance, but she is horribly […]

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Naked and Embarrassed

Sometimes just a spanking alone is not enough.  This young lady, about to be paddled in a private school, learns that nudity is a very powerful learning tool when used as a supplement to a spanking.  In a not so private part of the school, she is required to strip fully nude, and her school […]

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A moment to reflect, before and after their punishment

Of course their bottoms will be bared for their spanking, in fact, before it is all said and done, they will all be fully naked and very embarrassed.  A little extra time, having to show their vaginas, while they consider exactly how those straps will feel on their bottoms, adds much anticipation and fear to […]

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Forced to watch and wait

She is made hermes replica to stand at attention, while fully naked, as the 1st girl receives a severe hermes birkin 30 modeling pictures with props for today hermes birkin birching. She knows hermes belt that in a matter of moments, it will be her bottom being punished.

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