Naked and Embarrassed

Sometimes just a spanking alone is not enough.  This young lady, about to be paddled in a private school, learns that nudity is a very powerful learning tool when used as a supplement to a spanking.  In a not so private part of the school, she is required to strip fully nude, and her school uniform is then taken from her.  He let’s her know that she will be spanked, when he finds the time, and she is left naked and alone as the times continues to click down, closer to the ringing of the bell, and students being released from class, all of which will pass directly by her.  This is cornertime at it’s very best.

fully naked corner time

Horribly embarrassing and effective cornertime, as she waits for the bell to ring and the students to see her naked in the hall.

From the naked and exposed cornertime and spanking video in the member’s area of


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