A moment to reflect, before and after their punishment

corner time

Required to display their vaginas before their long and hard punishment strapping.

Of course their bottoms will be bared for their spanking, in fact, before it is all said and done, they will all be fully naked and very embarrassed.  A little extra time, having to show their vaginas, while they consider exactly how those straps will feel on their bottoms, adds much anticipation and fear to the overall punishment, therefore adding to the overall effectiveness.

Once they have all been strapped long and hard, until all of their teen bottoms are bruised and sore, they are required to suffer through an extended time out, while on their tip toes, and only using their elbows for support.  This is going to be a long 30 minutes of cornertime, with the promise of the paddle if anyone’s heels touch the ground.

sore bottom naked corner time

Four girls, extended corner time, with bruised and sore bottoms.

Picture and animation from the severe, HD, four part strapping video in the member’s area of RealspankingsInstitute.com

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