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All the time in the world

He has plenty of work to do, their punishment can wait.

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A difficult wall sit corner time

Corner time can be a punishment all by itself.

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Corner time after a hard hairbrush spanking

This dad gets very creative with his use of corner time.  First, he bends his daughter over and gives her a very severe spanking with an old wooden hairbrush,  He does not stop the spanking until her bottom is on fire and bruised all over.  He then has her turn around and place her burning […]

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Spread, Embarrassed, and on Display for Corner Time

Corner time is an effective addition to any punishment.  It allows time before or after a spanking to reflect on the offenses committed and to consider how they will adjust their behavior in the future.  Its effectiveness before a spanking is a result of the person being punished being able to really anticipate what is coming and how […]

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A Heated Cornertime

After Lila is caught stealing money from Micheal Masterson’s wallet she is given a sound spanking with the hairbrush on the bare bottom. And then to seal the deal with an already burning bottom, she is made to remember the punishment in a heated bare bottom cornertime in front of the fireplace. You can find […]

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Happy Faces After a Strapping

Sophie and Frankie give us a cute smile as the kneel in time out.Looks like they may have enjoyed their strapping! 

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School Girls, Canes, and Cornertime.

Jasmine and Claire of  BiSpanking are caned by Mr. Masterson after they both show late for a shoot.They begin in an uncomfortable corner time position together as they wait for their punishment. The girls are then caned one by one, made to watch one an others punishment while holding another corner time position. After both […]

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Jennifer’s 30 Minute Punishment

An Oldie but a Goodie from RealSpankings circa 2002. Punished for real life offenses, Jennifer takes the strap, yardstick, tawse, hairbrush, crop, 24 strokes with a cane, and dozens of severe swats with the wooden school paddle.She is put into many different corner time positions during this long, severe, punishment. 

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Caned School Girl

This school girl is caned and left in corner time with a very sore bare bottom. This scene is provided by RealSpankings.

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Two Girls Witnessed Punishment

Jade and Monica are strictly punished and then put on display.  Angela was forced to witness the punishment as a reminder to be on her best behavior.  This scene provided by RealSpankings Institute.

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