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Spanked in class and corner time

This student at a private girl’s school learned exactly what happens when she misbehaves in class.  She was spanked in the full view of the other girls studying and then placed in the corner having to show the result of her action to the rest of the class.  From the member’s area of RealspankingsInstitute.com  

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Naked Corner Time in the School Hallway

Dress code violations are a continual issue at the RealSpankings Institute of Learning.  It seems that no matter how many times the young ladies are warned to wear each and every piece of their uniform, that they are always trying to get away with a little bit less. It might be as simple as not […]

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Adding Pain to Corner Time

Sometimes a simple moment of reflection is not enough following a hard disciplinary spanking.  These young ladies have just received a long and hard spanking, with each forced to watch the other’s bare bottom punishment. Simply being left with their red bottoms on display is not enough for this offense.  They are ordered to kneel […]

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Spread, Embarrassed, and on Display for Corner Time

Corner time is an effective addition to any punishment.  It allows time before or after a spanking to reflect on the offenses committed and to consider how they will adjust their behavior in the future.  Its effectiveness before a spanking is a result of the person being punished being able to really anticipate what is coming and how […]

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Comforting Eachother in Cornertime

Bailey is spanked and put into cornertime by Mr. Daniels.  Claire is then taken otk and spanked. Bailey sneaks a peak with she is in cornertime with a look of remorse and regret that her friend is now getting a spanking. When girls are in cornertime Bailey leans over and hugs Claire as a sign […]

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A Heated Cornertime

After Lila is caught stealing money from Micheal Masterson’s wallet she is given a sound spanking with the hairbrush on the bare bottom. And then to seal the deal with an already burning bottom, she is made to remember the punishment in a heated bare bottom cornertime in front of the fireplace. You can find […]

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Happy Faces After a Strapping

Sophie and Frankie give us a cute smile as the kneel in time out.Looks like they may have enjoyed their strapping! 

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10 Girl School Corporal Punishment

After acting up in class, ten girls suffer the consequences, getting a hard hand spanking, a good session with hairbrush, and finally a paddling they will never forget.  To emphasize the point, all the girls are made to line up and display their bruised bottomsfor all to see.  See the very best in group punishment […]

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Two Girls Witnessed Punishment

Jade and Monica are strictly punished and then put on display.  Angela was forced to witness the punishment as a reminder to be on her best behavior.  This scene provided by RealSpankings Institute.

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Outdoor Public Punishment

Lila from Realspankings.com is forced to bare her breasts for some very public cornertime after having her bottom blistered with the belt.

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