How embarrassing can cornertime be?

He knows from past experience with this particular student that she actually deals with the pain of a spanking fairly well.  Last time she was punished, he did notice that one of the most difficult parts for her was having to bare her bottom.  She might have a high pain tolerance, but she is horribly embarrassed showing any amount of nudity…perfect.

On her next trip to his office, he used her modesty as a learning tool.  Well before the spanking ever started, she was required to raise her skirt, lower her panties, and put her vagina on display while he reviewed her disciplinary referral.

vagina showing cornertime

Knowing how easily embarrassed she is, the punishment starts with her having to show her vagina.

Being that this was an event that he wanted to make sure that she never forgot, this quickly progressed in into her being made to strip fully naked, with her school uniform then being removed from the office.  But he knew that just being naked, did not meet the severity of the punishment that she was in his office for, so she was instructed to bend over and grab her ankles.  This was done in a manner in which all of her naughty bits were directly within his sight-line.

fully nude cornertime

The next step in the cornertime portion of her punishment is full nudity and grabbing her ankles

After a couple of minutes of bending over and grabbing her ankles, and especially after seeing that she was in his office for a repeat offense, he decided to make it even more uncomfortable.  This was easily accomplished by telling her to reach back, grab her butt cheeks, and to spread them as wide as possible.  For this easily embarrassed young lady, this was just about as bad as it could get, well before the spanking ever started.

showing asshole during cornertime

Because humiliating is often more effective than just embarrassing, she is required to spread her cheeks and display her butthole.

Sometimes opportunities have a way of presenting themselves and when there was a knock on his office door, he knew this was one of those moment.  Three students, and a student assistant, simply had a quick question about a change in the schedule that was posted earlier that day.  “Sure, come on in, I would be more than happy to discuss it”.  Now this naughty young lady, already terribly embarrassed, found herself belt over, fully naked, with her cheeks spread as wide as they go, and her little butthole on display, now for 5 different people. The students tried to focus on the question they had, but they could not help but to giggle and laugh at the predicament that her behavior had caused.

butt hole exposed corner time

Perfect timing, now she can show her vagina and butthole to everyone.

It was a full 15 minutes before her spanking ever began, but she was well punished before anything ever touched her bottom.  From the highly embarrassing cornertime and spanking video from the member’s area of


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