Fully nude punishment, with cornertime for the school girl

Not all cornertime takes place in a corner.  For many disciplinarians out there, cornertime is a general sort of category that helps add embarrassment, discomfort, and humiliation to a spanking.  This young lady finds out exactly how effective such a practice can be.

fully naked corner time

Stripped of all of her clothing, she is forced to stand naked and embarrassed in his office.

Upon her arrival, she is given the school uniform she will be wearing, but she is not allowed to change in private.  She finds out that only well behaved young ladies are allowed modesty, and once she is stripped of her street clothes, she is required to stand fully naked for quite some time.  As a result of refusing to cover her naked body she is quickly handspanked, but it does not end there.

naked and exposed corner time

After her handspanking, she quickly learns how difficult and embarrassing cornertime can be.

She is placed, while still fully nude, in a very difficult, exposed, and uncomfortable position.  To make things even worse, she is required to hold the exact implement that will be used on her bottom when he returns.  She is told that if she drops the implement, straightens her legs, or allows her heals to touch the ground, that the strap will be replaced with a heavy wooden paddle.

butt hole corner time

Her cute little butt hole and vagina are put on display for all to see.

She spends more than 5 minutes in this difficult position before he finally returns to strap her lovely young bottom.  This multi-part punishment is available exclusively at RealspankingsInstitute.com and shows exactly how difficult cornertime can be made to be.

Yes, in just a moment he will be wearing your bottom out with that heavy strap.

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