Recording his sister’s spankings and cornertime on his cell phone

His big sister has always been a huge pain, and just loves to torment him.  Since she started high school, she seems to act like she is too cool, or too old to even associate with him.  Even though she likes to act like she is all grown up, it certainly does not seem that way when dad takes her over his knee for a bare bottom spanking.

sister's spanking captured on cell phone by little brother

Hearing that tone of voice coming from his dad downstairs, he knows exactly what is about to happen and quickly grabs his phone.

Since he received his first cell phone camera on Xmas last year, he has made it his goal in life to record her spankings and cornertime whenever he can sneak the chance.  It is not always easy, and there is a risk, as dad would tear his own ass up if he was caught.  But he gets great satisfaction in showing his friends, the videos and pictures of his sister, kicking and screaming as dad wears her bottom out.

sister spanked and put in cornertime caught on video

After about 20 minutes of his sister being in corner time, he finally hears his dad go to the bathroom and hurries down for a closeup of her bare bottom. His friends are going to love this video.

Their dad’s policy of a spanking on the spot helps him find the opportunity as she is just as likely to get spanked in a common area of the house as she is in her bedroom.  Dad is also a very firm believer in the use of cornertime after, as he feels it adds to the overall embarrassment to have their bare, and recently spanked bottoms, on display for all the siblings to see, and to serve as a warning to everyone else.

cornertime spanking from dad teen girl

A spanking and a little corner time before bed.

He was already in bed when he heard dad tearing her bottom up.  He was not able to get video of her spanking, but he still sneaked down for a quick picture of her with her bottom on display and her nose against the wall.

All video and animations come from the voyeur spanking and corner time videos in the member’s area of

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