Spread, Embarrassed, and on Display for Corner Time

a severe caning before her corner time

A severe caning prior to her corner time

Corner time is an effective addition to any punishment.  It allows time before or after a spanking to reflect on the offenses committed and to consider how they will adjust their behavior in the future.  Its effectiveness before a spanking is a result of the person being punished being able to really anticipate what is coming and how it will feel.

Traditional corner time usually involves someone being placed in the corner, so there are no distractions, allowing them to focus on nothing but their own behavior and the resulting consequences.  This can be done with or without the bottom bared, but the addition of being somewhat on display, can add to the effectiveness of a punishment.  An additional element is that the corner time can include a position that is very uncomfortable which in itself can almost be its own punishment.  Extended periods kneeling on a hard floor, or the stone of a mantle, can cause much discomfort and really bring the point home.

Exposed and spread for her corner time.

But corner time does not always need to take place in the corner. For some young ladies, everything must be done to teach a real lesson.  The young lady to the left is made to suffer through the most embarrassing corner time possible.  She received 12 severe strokes of the cane, and after, was made to spread her legs wide, right in the middle of the conference room.  The door was left open, so all students to pass between classes, could peek into the room and see her so open, vulnerable, and on display.  With every footstep coming down the hall, her heart begins to race, and the inevitable giggle that followed make her cheeks blush as red as her glowing bottom.  Her offense was severe, so the punishment fit the crime.  As the pain of the caning begins to fade a little, the pain she feels from spending more than 30 minutes grabbing her ankles begins to set in.  She knows that a single movement will result in additional strokes of the cane…the last thing she wants at this point.  All she can think about is getting this over with, so she no longer has to be in such a position, with her marked bottom in the air, and her exposed vagina spread for the world to see.  The throbbing of her bottom and the humiliation of her exposed position, assure that she will be on her very best behavior.  Another situation that demonstrates that corner time works.

This scene comes from the severe caning of Monica in the member’s area of RealspankingsInstitute.com

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