Bare Breasted Exposed Corner Time Before her Paddling

Made to bare her breasts for dress code violations

Summer is new to the Realspankings Institute and as a result she is still learning that every negative action has a very real consequence.  Having been provided a student handbook, and having been instructed to read it from cover to cover on day one, she seems to have neglected to cover the section regarding the student dress code.  Had she read that section she would have learned that a uniform will be worn to class every day and that no part of that uniform is optional, especially the undergarments.  During her very first class of the day it was discovered that she was not wearing a bra.  It is hard not to notice those beautiful young breasts, only covered by the thin cotton of her school top.  She was immediately sent to the Dean for this infraction.  As with any infraction at RSI, corporal punishment was clearly called for.  But the Dean has been doing this for a very long time and knows how to increase the effectiveness of a punishment.  He informed her that if she wants to parade around with her breasts on display then she can do exactly that.  He made her unbutton her blouse and remove her breasts for him to see.  She was required to stand at attention, while he completed his lecture, and filled out the required paperwork prior to administering corporal punishment to her bare bottom.  The cheeks on her face glowed almost as much as the cheeks on her bottoms would, as she stood helplessly embarrassed, displaying her breasts for the Dean.  He took his time letting the full weight of this situation sink in.  Once he felt his point had been made clear, he had her bend over his desk, raise her skirt and lower her panties, as she prepared for 12 swats with the paddle.  With her breasts still naked and on display, 12 hard strokes were administered to her teen bottom.  With each stroke she fought back the tears.  When her paddling was complete, he had her sign the disciplinary form, and then sent her on her way, not letting her button up her top prior to leaving his office.  She hurried down the hall, quickly trying to hide her exposed breasts, as she ran to her room to retrieve a bra before her next class.  This picture is from the full video update of this punishment, just added to the member’s area of

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