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Bare Breasted Exposed Corner Time Before her Paddling

Summer is new to the Realspankings Institute and as a result she is still learning that every negative action has a very real consequence.  Having been provided a student handbook, and having been instructed to read it from cover to cover on day one, she seems to have neglected to cover the section regarding the […]

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Full Naked and Embarrassing after being Spanked

On her very first day at the Realspankings Institute Lindsay learns that everything she knows has changed.  She is informed by the Dean that she gave up many things upon admission to the Institute and one of the main things is modesty.  She is required to strip fully naked, in front of all of those present, and […]

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Spanked and put on display for the whole school to see.

Sometimes a simple spanking is just not enough to teach the young ladies the lesson they need to learn.  Knowing full and well that sleeping in the same bed is a very big infraction, the girls decided to risk getting caught.  As a result they were yanked out of bed, fully naked, and given a […]

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